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UTHRO's Excellence Fund Receives Donations


I am pleased to report that donations received to the Excellence Fund after its “maiden launch” in December of 2010 to support the Consortium on Aging’s Brain Health Clinic total almost $5,000 to date. The Steering Committee is very proud of this accomplishment, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all donors who should also be proud of their own generosity. I will continue to report on our activities and hope that you will read about our progress with continuing interest.

The Steering Committee is currently in the process of recruiting additional members. Our goals are tremendous, and this work has been most challenging. For those reasons, we are soliciting a few more volunteers to serve on the Steering Committee and join us in this significant effort.

It has been most gratifying to note the many donations that were made “in honor of” or “in memory of” designations. Making this particular kind of donation apparently has been most meaningful to some donors as they are honoring or remembering beloved family members or friends, especially those who might have faced the challenges of dementia which also might have included caregivers. This will continue to be an option of singular significance for everyone.

We are currently planning our next launch; you will see references to this second appeal campaign soon. For those of you who have not yet determined to make a pledge, please consider this very worthy cause of “seniors helping seniors.”

Frances Poole Knight, Chair
Excellence Fund Steering Committee
Immediate Past President of UTHRO