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The University of Texas Houston Retiree Organization

Welcome to the website of The University of Texas Houston Retiree Organization (UTHRO) where we make it easy for retirees to connect with their former colleagues.  We invite you to join this group and to participate in trips, lectures, luncheons, and holiday events.  So come on in and discover what this website has to offer.


A Warm Welcome To Our Newest Members

Carol Sue Boll - 2004 HSC General
Sandra Faul - active HSC General
Viola Hebert - 2002 MDACC
Wanda R. Weaver Jared - 2016 Medical School
Maria Saenz - active School of Public Health
Dr. Eva T. Salmeron - 2017 Medical School

UTHRO On The Danube

A Personal Journal Of The Event of A Lifetime by Flora von Roeder

Milestone Set for UTHRO's Endowment Fund

News Archive

  • Valentine luncheon 2019.jpg
  • valentine luncheon 2019.jpg
  • Valentine luncheon 2019.jpg
  • Valentine luncheon 2019.jpg
  • Valentine luncheon 2019.jpg
    Yoka-Janet-Mary Frances
  • Valentine luncheon 2019
  • Lunch&Learn19-CampLogan.jpg
    Lunch & Learn 2019-Camp Logan-Scott and Henry
  • HealthSymposium2018.jpg
    Health Symposium 2018-Barbara with the two speakers-Herbert DuPont, MD and Anna Steinberger, PhD
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Inga and Allen Leon
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Amazing Place Display
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Flu Vaccination
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Osteoporosis Testing
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Betty and Joe Streckfuss
  • HealthSymposium2018
    Health Symposium 2018-Vaccination paperwork
  • HealthSymposium2018.jpg
    Health Symposium 2018-Speaker-Herbert DuPont, MD
  • Lunch&Learn19-CampLogan.jpg
    Lunch & Learn 2019-Jean and Mary Frances
  • Lunch&Learn19-CampLogan.jpg
    Lunch & Learn 2019-Audience
  • Zoolights18.jpg
    Zoo light trip 2018-Littrees
  • Zoo lights18.jpg
    Zoolight trip 2018-posing
  • Schulenburg2017.jpg
    Schulenburg 2017-group photo
  • Danubetrip18-Budapest.jpg
  • Danubetrip18-Budapest-Bratislava.psd
  • Danubetrip18.jpg
  • DanubetripVienna-KurSalon.jpg
  • Danubetrip18-Tableforfour.jpg
  • Danubetrip18-Pragueclock.jpg
  • Danubetrip18
    Danubetrip18-Mozart House
  • Danubetrip18-Budapestbridge.jpg
  • Lunch&Learn19-Camp Logan.jpg
    Lunch & Learn 2019-Speakers