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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is UTHRO?

    The name UTHRO is the acronym for The University of Texas Houston Retiree Organization.

  • Who is eligible to join UTHRO?

    All employees, both faculty and staff, from The University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston (UTHealth) who plan to officially retire from UTHealth are eligible to join. Official retiree is defined as an employee who has terminated UTHealth employment for a period of at least one month and currently receives or is eligible to receive retirement benefits. Employees who have not yet retired but who anticipate regular membership upon official retirement from UTHealth employment can also join. Spouses are included in the membership. Spouses of deceased members may continue as members of the organization.

  • What is the purpose of the group?

    The main objectives of the organization are as follows:
    A. To enhance the relationship between retirees and UTHealth by providing a means of communication and collaboration;
    B. To work on behalf of retired UTHealth personnel to ensure that they receive information regarding maximum retirement benefits and to communicate membership concerns to representatives of UTHealth affecting the welfare of retired persons;
    C. To aid employees in making the transition from active employee to retiree by providing a continued relationship;
    D. To increase retiree participation in university activities, such as mentor and volunteer programs, annual campaigns, teaching part-time, etc;
    E. To articulate issues of concern to retired persons;
    F. To sponsor educational presentations relating to concerns of retired persons, including but not limited to, medical care and other economic, legal, and social issues.
    G. The organization established and maintains the UTHRO Endowment for Healthy Aging through UTHealth, the interest generated benefiting geriatric research and education.

    The organization plans monthly events which include local day trips, informational luncheon meetings with speakers, holiday activities, and an annual health fair. View the current web page at

  • How much does membership cost?

    There are minimal amounts for annual dues which are as follows:

    $15.00 for retirees and spouses for memberships together

  • How does UTHRO make trips? Do I have to drive my personal vehicle?

    The organization routinely sponsors group trips visiting various places in and around the metropolitan area. There are sometimes minor fees required, and occasionally the trips are free depending on the chosen destinations. Harris County Precinct One buses are usually provided for the participants. Departure locations are centrally located at the Operations Center Building commonly referred to as “OCB” where parking is free.
    UTHRO also organizes extended group travel trips nationally and internationally.

  • Who do I contact to join UTHRO?

    For more information, send a query to [email protected]. The organization extends a warm invitation to all retirees to join this group of venerable seniors who treasure their ties to the UTHealth and want to remain active in a mutually compatible relationship.